With the change of climate and the growth of plant trade, more and more pests and pathogens arrive in our country. We must fight these and the “indigenous” pests in Hungary as well in order to preserve the health of our ornamental plants. Successful plant protection is based on prevention, monitoring and taking timely action. With this in mind, and with one or two interventions per year, we can prevent the spread of diseases, but of course only if we treat the plants with the right pesticide. Nowadays, there are hundreds of growing agents that are changing year after year. If you can’t adjust to this maze, please contact us, we will help you! Remember, with a targeted and effective intervention, you can avoid long chemical treatment that has a significant environmental impact. If your environmental awareness is as important to you as your own plants, then don’t experiment but ask for professional help!


The appearance of weeds in the garden is at least as annoying as the pests. They can root in the smallest cracks and are almost indestructible. They disfigure and then slowly ruin the beautiful lawn. With the systematic application of the most advanced total, selective or supercelective agents, you can successfully fight against them, whether it be car parks, roads, sidewalks, orchards or lawns. Remember, with the onset of treatment, weeds can be prevented, and the lawn can be preserved!