Plants, whether shrubs or trees, fruit or ornamental plants, need to be pruned at certain intervals, partially so that they keep their forms and partially in or order for them to “rejuvenate”. Fruit trees must be pruned so that they may bear fruits and their crowns must be shaped as well, while in the case of ornamental plants our goal is without doubt to achieve the most beautiful looks possible, though sometimes it also requires rejuvenation. This task seems easy: we just grab the pruning shears and cut off some branches here and there. However, pruning is not that simple of a task, and fixing improper pruning (or the complete lack of pruning) might take years. Fruit trees and plants that have not been pruned for years cannot be fixed with one single pruning. Choosing the date of pruning and the extent of trimming is extremely important, and in the case of fruit trees the way of cutting back twigs and branches is also quite relevant. Trust us with this seemingly easy task!